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Bellzi.com Website Reviews
“OH MAN! I love these things lol If you can make one of a Japanese flying squirrel I will definitely buy it!”matt
“Very attractive web presence featuring plush animals that are so cute! I really like the panda and the bunny. You offer a wide variety of styles and colors, and high quality is stressed. I felt the selection I viewed priced at $35 was quite reasonable for these plush animals’ quality and uniqueness.”Jacqueline
“love the site great colors and loading time was fast..”Paul
“adorable sstuffed animals.excellent graphics,fast loaading”Debbie
“So cute. these soft Plushies are superb and a great gift idea. “United Salon
“Everyone loves cuddly animals. You do nice work.”Martha E.
“Cute plushies. well craft and beautiful colors combination “Mayas
“These are so cute .Great site ,Good prices you are very talented .I will be coming back soon. Lynda “Lynda
“These are so cute .. I have to book mark you and show these to my daughter. Great site .. Keep up the good work!”Kiki
“very cute little plush animals”Abdul
“I love your little plush animals! My favorite is the little kitty but then I’m a kitty lover!.”Wilma
“adorable little plushies. cute designs.”Rose
“Nice site with very cute products. Well designed and loads quickly.”Brent
“Very pretty and cute teddy bears on sale.”Shaishav
“Could be the begining of the next “Ty” Company. Much luck to you!”Gedert
“Nice plush animal gifts for kids or adults who collect stuff animals. professional designed site, and well maintained. like the product photos and color scheme. These plush animals look great. Are they handmade, which is better then factory made.”Reyes
“No problems with web site. Nice pictures. Cute plush toys. A little pricey, but understandable since they are hand-made. Really nice web site.”Terri
“Adorable plush characters to give as gifts. Site is easy to understand and navigate. Photos are clear showing the entire plush character. “Melanie
“Great website. Love the animals.”Peggy
“The plush stuffed animals are cute. They look very well crafted. The photos are perfect to show them off.”Bobbie
“Cute plushies! Nice site, easy to navigate!”Sheikh
“look of your site is very cute along with cute gift ideas wish you very best of luck”Sheikh
“”Site contains a nice variety of cuddly stuffed animals, worth a visit, good navigaiton””Al
“Super cute plushies!! I think they are adorable! Nice site that is easy to navigate!”JGless
“brilliant for gift for a loved one or as a keep sake for your children for years to come, colourful and eye catching”Kate
“Nice . . loaded quickly, good content. Very cute!”Brenda
“Very cute site. Nice display. Nice images. Good layout.”jacqueline
“Bellzi is a beautiful site, worth my time. It’s fast loading.”Ellie
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