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LARGE Rainbow Narrzi Giveaway





Head over to our Facebook page to enter: https://www.facebook.com/Bellzi/

**Open to US residents over 18 years of age. ONE winner will be selected and announced on Tuesday, 12/20 .

Grab your holiday mystery bag TODAY!


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Rainbow Narrzi GIVEAWAY

TODAY IS THE DAY! RAINBOW NARRZI GIVEAWAY!Narrzi, Narrzi.. swimming in the ocean.. like an underwater unicorn~To enter, checkout our FB page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Bellzi/DON'T FORGET!! Grab your holiday mystery bag TODAY!http://www.bellzi.com/rainbow-narrzi-holiday-mystery-bag/#Bellzi #Bellziplushie #Holiday #MysteryBag #Rainbow #Narwhal

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Rainbow Narrzi Holiday Mystery Bag Event!

There is a sighting of the Rainbow Narwhal! This holiday season, we are having a Rainbow Narrzi Holiday Mystery Bag Event!Mystery Bag - Present (Ponni or Tanuki or Teddi or Bell/Bella or Rainbow Narrzi)orMystery Bag - Tree(Giraffi or Kitti or Lioni or Pandi or Rainbow Narrzi)orMystery Bag - Candy Cane(Monki or Corgi or Bunni or Rainbow [...]

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Featuring: the TIGGRI

We are featuring the TIGGRI this week! FUN FACT: Tiger is the biggest cat in the cat family!TIGGRIThe Tiger is very relaxed and not easily provoked. He doesn't like big crowds. He likes to chill and avoid conflicts.Tis` the season to be GIVINGWe are doing another GIVEAWAY of our TIGRRI to 2 lucky winners! To enter, follow [...]

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Featuring: the GIRAFFI

This week, we are featuring our GIRAFFI. He is super soft and huggable! He can be your friend wherever you go!GIRAFFIGiraffi, the Giraffe, loves to do anything at high altitude. He likes to travel and be adventurous.He is calm in all situations and can take care of himself.Tis` the season to be GIVINGWe will be doing a [...]

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Featuring: the MONKI

Our newest addition to our wonderful Bellzi stuffed animal collection this year was the Monki!If you haven't gotten the chance to check him out, HERE it is. Isn't he cute?!                                                      [...]

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I Spy a Bellzi Black Tanuki!

Our Black Tanuki was chosen to be featured in the Celebrity Nursery designed by Vanessa Antonelli at the ABC Kids Expo on October 18-22, 2016! #ABCKidsExpo #ABCCelebNursery #CelebrityNurseryDesign @VanessaAntonelli

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May 2016 Mystery Bag Event!

It's Mystery Bag Event Time!  There are 3 mystery bags to choose from. Each bag comes with different kinds of plushies inside! You get 1 plush and 1 accessory per bagEvent Over! Mystery Bag #1 $39.95 $24.95 1x Plush: Lioni, Foxxi Teal, Tanuki Black, Kitti Blue or Narrzi Purple + 1x Accessory: Sticker Sheet or Lanyard or Keychain Add to Cart Mystery Bag #2 $39.95 [...]

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Bellzi Giraffi the Cute Giraffe Stuffed Animal Plush

Now Available! Our Cute Bellzi Giraffe! It's 14" inches tall and 12" inches long. This is the perfect stuffed animal gift for anyone!

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Bellzi Ponni the Cute Pony Stuffed Animal Plush

Our cute Pony (Horse) stuffed animal is a must have! It's the cutest pony plushie ever!

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